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I'm Immortelle

5ml Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil 


I'm Immortelle

€59 47€

imimmortelle oil

I'm Immortelle

€59 €47

All our essential oil batches are pure, organic & certified.

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Routines for a radiant and luminous skin. Anti-age treatments, acné, skin-related issues and more…

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Natural and homemade recipes for fungui, candida, respiratory issues, muscle pain, herpes and more....



Learn all about the medicinal properties of I'm Immortelle Essential Oil.

Grown, Harvested, Sun-dried and Distilled in Herzegovina


Muscular Pain and Stress Relief
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"I got the oil the other day and I´m very happy. My neck was very tense and soared and after applying a few drops not only the pain went away, but also my headache disappeared. When I couldn't sleep, I warmed a drop between my hands, inhaled for two minutes and my nerves were also soothed. Thanks a lot for this medicine! God bless!"
@Mile G.
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"I want to thank you with all my ❤ for these divine drops! I thought this was just another ad. I got my bottle within 24 hs. After trying countless products for my rosácea, I was convinced there was nothing better out there than some japanese drops I´ve been using for the last few years. 20 minutes ago I applied I´m Immortelle on my face and that's when the miracle happened! I've never felt such a relaxing and pleasant feeling on my face before!"
Skin Infection
@Josipa N.
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"I´ve been struggling with a rare skin infection for two years. I visited several doctors and they would always give me some cream and antibiotics. The infection would disappear but come back in a day or two. As soon as I´m Immortelle arrived I applied 1 drop over my infection and it disappeared completely. It´s been 5 days now and the infection hasn't come back. I´m also using it on my face and i´m very satisfied."
Skin Burns
@Nicola S.
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"It's A magnificent oil! First time I tried it after getting sunburnt. I applied it and after a six hour sleep I woke up to find out the redness on my skin was reduced by half. What's more, my skin didn't peel off. Then I got my finger burned and after 15 minutes the pain was completely gone. Again, the blister never appeared. You would think that after burning my skin with something hotter than 100 degrees at least, you are getting at least one blister but nope. Never came out. I've already bought 12 bottles for my family and friends and they are all very happy!"


Watch videos and interviews in the Balkan media with our founder Sasha Kalem and friends.


Medicinal Reports

Download a PDF with a compilation of relevant reports and research about our medicinal plants.

Helichrysum Italicum Essential Water


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