The Number 1 Healing Essential Oil

About our brand

Since the launch of I’m Immortelle in 2018, lives and minds have been changed. Through it’s healing medicinal qualities, I’m Immortelle has helped its users with chronic skin conditions, brain and liver function, and even cold sores. I’m Immortelle is composed of 100% pure Helichrysum Italicum essential oil expertly distilled in the beautiful Hercegovina region in the Balkans. Helichrysum Italicum is recognized by experts as the number 1 healing essential oil. This specific flower is only found in two places around the world. Hercegovina, also known as the aroma therapy oasis, provides the perfect landscape and environmental conditions for the plant to flourish. We at I’m Immortelle believe that our bodies should be treated with care and awareness. The golden packaging of I’m Immortelle essential oil is indicative of the multiple healing properties found inside. The flower logo embedded in the cap reminds us of something we strongly believe, that our medicine can be found in nature. Helichrysum Italicum is the number one out of nine pure certified essential oils provided by I’m Immortelle. Each essential oil is identified by its own color indicative of its floral type and will be launched one by one giving the perfect guidance to each and every flower. The I’m Immortelle health and beauty line contains only top quality oils that have been rigorously lab tested with both olfactory and medicinal properties examined. We offer a natural skincare line that includes a day and night cream, serum, and soothing balm. Also available are tailor made skin care systems for every age and skin type. In order to conserve the medicinal components, our staff only prepare and fill the bottles after an order has been placed. Regenerate your health and life with I'm Immortelle Helichrysum italicum, the number 1 healing essential oil.

Our philosophy

I'm Immortelle is a philosophical metaphor for the everlasting existence of life through flora and fauna. Flowers and plants are particularly important considering the fact that without them Human life would be impossible. Humans as a result of nature became essentially a symbol for universal or cosmic awareness. So it is more logical that we can heal through the same source we originally were made of. Founder of “I’m Immortelle” Sasha Kalem learned of this vision on life and the healing properties of herbs during his childhood when his family from Mostar, Hercegovina would use wild herbs for several remedies. One flower was specifically mentioned and would stand out as the queen of all flowers and herbs, it was only growing in a few rocky and very sunny spots around the world and it is called Helichrysum Italicum. On a trip back to his homeland in 2016 he had finally met and tried the pure essential oil made by Nikola and Stipe, 2 long term engineers and finest experts in the field of steam distilling Helichrysum and other oils. This flower also called Immortelle has been shown to not only heal superficial wounds, but also regenerate the nervous system while calming its users with its therapeutic aroma. Immortelle’s flavonoids and terpenes prove especially effective as an antimicrobial and anti inflammatory agent making it the number one healing essential oil. Helichrysum Italicum directly translates to “the sun flower of gold”